Entrepreneurs and Startupers

Free yourself from constraints
and focus on your business

Our core business

Activities and expertise


Develop the intangible capital of your company, its intellectual property, your know-how, which makes you unique.


Evaluate and monitor the state of health of your company for a transversal, synthetic perspective, with the objective of growth.


Structure, organize and enhance the value of the company, making it profitable and remarkable.

What are the essential needs of STARTUPs?

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, at the head of several companies. As a result, we are fully aware of the needs of entrepreneurs. What did not exist, we created.

Our solutions

Concrete tools at your service

Personalized support

  • The know-how and expertise of our consultants who combine high-level experiences in the fields of finance, HR, and communication
  • Tailor-made offers according to your development objectives
  • A daily partnership
  • A long-term relationship of trust and benevolence with our clients, large and small.

A digital platform

  • A multilingual web solution accessible worldwide from any type of currency
  • Rating and support for +2500 SMEs
  • Real-time update to avoid time-consuming reporting
  • An artificial intelligence module for optimized management of your activity
  • Taking into account and measuring risks

Who we are?

Why work with us?

What you will appreciate


A QUALITY OF LISTENING and interlocutors able to understand what you do, how you do it and the points to be valued


REGULARITY, MONITORING: All phases are necessarily monitored monthly or quarterly.


SUPPORT: You are never alone in your choices and your questions


TRANSVERSALITY: Monitoring responds perfectly to all the daily needs and questions of a business


THE RESULT: You increase or stabilize the value of the business, regardless of the ecosystem.


STRUCTURING: You finally see the fair value of your work emerging

What you will appreciate even more!

A digital operating partner

The fair value of your business

Optimization of your accounting costs


Your accountant will be more efficient in his profession

Saving time from the first month!

Go to the next level of your business, let’s work together!

You convinced me, let's go!