About us

Who we are?

Since 2015, Intangible Capital Value® (ICV) assesses the growth potential of companies. Our actions bring transparency to companies, promote them to investors and allow them to generate growth, with ease and simplicity.

High-potential innovations are thus promoted and modeled in order to support companies in their development.

The founders of ICV-GROUP®


Erwan's experience at the head of the European Office of Economic Intelligence and the Institute for the Financing of Research in France are major assets to support companies in their growth by advising them in particular with accuracy and clarification on the protection and enhancement of their IP, but also of their intangible assets.

Guillaume DELANNOY

As Group CTO, Guillaume puts all his know-how, experience and knowledge of information systems at the service of the clients and projects that ICV supports. His greatest talent? Being able to consider the development and structuring of a project as a whole, to take it even further and to open up strategic perspectives that will make the difference.




Placing people at the heart of our relationships, offering a tailor-made service to our customers


Be your trusted long-term partner, in total transparency and with kindness


Ensure an irreproachable quality of service and a security of the end-to-end process of the project