Your needs

Focus on your business, create growth, develop and make money.

Our expertise is based on an observation and an analysis of the entrepreneur’s needs

The observation

Being an entrepreneur / startupper means:

Find funding

  • Reassure
  • Communicate monthly
  • Certify (European directive)
  • Create an array of capitalization

Structure the business

  • Develop turnover and financial margins
  • Provide guarantees

Manage the business

  • Finding the right HR balance
  • Keep your financial records up to date
  • Guarantee its sales and margins
  • Innovate in export
  • Manage your strategy Strategy: management and choice
  • Reassure its partners: KYC, compliance

Be competitive

  • Centralize information to be responsive
  • Ensuring a quality of service

Being an entrepreneur / startupper also means:

days of administrative management per year

days per person, to encode the tools

We know your needs,
all your needs


On average, putting together a valuation dossier "costs" you 142 days of administrative work, with no guarantee of correctness, a random update, and very few alternatives in the event of a problem.

How about fixing it? 

Despite the breath of freedom that seems to swell the wings of the entrepreneur, there are always reporting constraints to investors, shareholders or other project stakeholders.

How about being accompanied?

Obtain and make available structured, synthetic results, valued in such a way as to give a balanced vision of the company...

How about accessing it?

We know your needs, why wait?

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