Our Solutions

What if we told you the solution was at hand?

… and that there is a simple and accessible solution, combining technology and personalized support.

What we do for you:


Evaluate the company, shares, patents, data, secrecy (business secrecy, copyright) on one or more countries


Evaluate the impairment tests, mandatory for IFRS-type standards, and mandatory for all companies that have made an unrestricted contribution to the balance sheet


Submit the IP which is essential to promote the company


Promote technology, integrate into a database, file patents


Monitor mass loans, convertible bonds


Monitor the certifiable ratios for the nexus part (reduction or reduction of taxes)


Define the transfer prices that can be set as opposable to taxes according to the procedures of the country


Assess a prejudice and find solutions


Organize the scaling of your business through the design of your products, the “go to market”.

Listening, Advice & follow-up

Tailor-made and personalized support

For the internal

  • Organize a GA : perspectives and results
  • Follow the funds : business plan & achievements
  • Validate the strategy : yield
  • Manage finance : debt, equity, crowd equity
  • Provide guarantees and insurance :
    • Bank (limit personal guarantee)
    • Customers (escrow)
    • Partner (management of created value)
    • Financial scoring (standardized adjustment)
    • e-reputation, …

For the external

  • Reassure customers: operational guarantee
  • Follow your e-reputation
  • Recruit talent by explaining prospects
  • Protect your Intellectual Property (DPI)
  • Prevent a cyber attack: integrated continuity plan to protect cash flow
  • Ensure Due Diligence: equity, litigation, Purchase
  • Price Allocation.
  • Prevent and manage disputes
  • Anticipate new projects, new shoots

For growth

  • Organize the scaling
  • Accelerate the development process
  • Structuring B2B production
  • Securing intangible assets
  • Reassure manufacturers, investors, customers and suppliers.

Digital operating partner

Manage your business via our myICV-app cloud platform


An APP to dynamically manage your assets and protect your assets with ease



  • Secure your intangible assets and your data throughout the lifecycle of your products / services.
  • De-risk (governance, cyber-security, value and image of your company) via our support and the implementation of process & IS (KYS)


Promote the company to potential investors, banks, find financing.


  • Promote technology, data, patents
  • Benefit from our expertise in promoting and supporting successful start-ups.

Valuation, financing, protection of your assets and your heritage, we have the solution!

You convinced me, let's work together!